Kennedy School's River City Food Court offers 35 choices a day for lunch, the most in the nation.  In a week, that is about 130 different entree options. That's right, you read that correctly.  Not only does it increase the likelihood students will eat but it helps the department thwart supply shortages and give us flexibility to offer all kinds of new and interesting foods without depending on all of the students wanting it. This year we hired a District Chef who will be creating all kinds of interesting things across the district that you will see in coming menus once we get school rolling. He'll also be creating new entrees at KSS including vegetable based entrees and international cuisine.  Kennedy School has 6 lunches a day with the average group getting through the food court in under 5 minutes. Less time in line means more time to eat and regroup before the rest of the day. These formats are all using a river theme. The Main Channel has homestyle options like Chicken and Waffles, Pork Chop with Stuffing, Kickin Chicken bowls and even Fried Chicken Poutine. Tributary West Deli holds half of our deli items with subs , wraps and sandwiches galore. Watershed Pizza displays our house made pizzas with Pepperoni and Cheese daily with two other flavors rotating daily. Tributary East Deli shines with incredible pre-made gourmet salads and yogurt parfaits. The Rapids sounds fast and it is. Six kinds of fast food type options including Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Chicken Patties and Spicy Chicken Patties daily. The International Confluence Cafe in the small food court is where you will find Nachos, tacos and international fare like Orange Chicken, Teriyaki Noodle Bowl and this year we will be popping in some Thai and Indian cuisine. Last is the Plunge Pool Breakfast for Lunch. Today's students eat what they want when they want and breakfast at lunch is very popular featuring morning favorites only at lunch. Both food courts are in the cafeteria and both include a wide selection of grains, fruits and vegetables and two kinds of milk with every meal.

River City Food Court Planned Menu Rotation

Inside the River City Food Court at Kennedy School


Institutions or organizations who sponsor and operate a federally funded Child Nutrition Program must make reasonable substitutions to meals and/or snacks on a case-by-case basis for participants who are considered to have a disability that restricts their diet: School Nutrition Program –7 CFR 210.10(m), Child and Adult Care Food Program – 7 CFR 226.20 (g), Summer Food Service Program – 7 CFR 225.16(f)(4). According to the ADA Amendments Act, most physical and mental impairments that substantially limit or affect one or more major life activities or bodily functions will constitute a disability. Sponsors are not required to accommodate special dietary requests that do not constitute a disability, including requests related to religious or moral convictions or personal preference. If these requests are accommodated, sponsors must ensure that all USDA meal pattern and nutrient requirements are met. This form must be completed by a licensed physician, physician assistant, or an advanced practice registered nurse, such as a certified nurse practitioner. Updates to this form are required only when a participant’s needs change.

Note to Districts/Schools: Parents/Guardians may provide a written request for lactose-reduced milk without a physician’s signature. 

Special Diet Statement Form 


PK, 1-4 BREAKFAST  = $1.60


5-12, LCA BREAKFAST = $1.85

MILK = $.40



PK-4 LUNCH = $2.90

5-12, LCA LUNCH = $3.10

MILK = $.40




*Must first take a Lunch

For Family's that qualify through the various method for free or reduced price meals. If your eligibility is FREE Price, then you get your breakfast and lunch for free. If your eligibility was REDUCED PRICE, your breakfast and lunch is also free thanks to the State of Minnesota who covers that co pay.

KSS students also have access to snacks after school at the concession stand which require students to have cash or money in their account.

VISION: To Provide great nutrition, nutrition education and quality meals. To maintain the highest customer service while fostering better learning and lifetime health in an enticing and welcoming environment that supports the six E’s of Child Nutrition:

  1.  Education

        2.  Eating Right

3.  Exercise

       4. Enthusiasm

  5.  Empathy

      6. Excellence


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