Otter Food Services at Kennedy School are required by regulation to provide between 750 and 850 calories per HS lunch or 1/3 of their daily caloric intake. With our massive fruit and veggie offerings, a student could easily hit 1300 calories but the extra is all in fruits and veg. That is over half of the recommended calories a day for a high school age student. But if that is not enough for your High School student, they can buy an extra entree after eating a full lunch. They will have to go to the cashier to buy a ticket they can exchange for an entree. There must be funds visible on the account or cash in hand to buy the extra entree. Parents of students buying an extra entree are reminded the main item has most of the carbs, sodium, fat and saturated fat our meal has in it. All students can access more fruits and vegetables after they have eaten by going to the cashier in the big food court.

We are pleased to announce that we are providing free breakfast and lunch for all in person learners this year regardless of status or income.

That being said, the Application for Educational Benefits drives more things in the district than just free meals. We are asking everyone who might be in the range or have completed these in the past to still complete an application this year. If your financial situation changes during the school year, your Application for Benefits is still useful for the district when submitted at any time. To apply for Benefits, click the button above.

VISION: To Provide great nutrition, nutrition education and quality meals. To maintain the highest customer service while fostering better learning and lifetime health in an enticing and welcoming environment that supports the six E’s of Child Nutrition:

1. Education

2. Eating Right

3. Exercise

4. Enthusiasm

5. Empathy

6. Excellence

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